Release v1.14.0

mycli is a command line interface for MySQL that includes auto-completion and syntax highlighting. Read the install instructions to find out how to get the latest version.

Mycli 1.14.0 was released on December 22, 2017 and includes these changes:


  • Add a watch command to repeat a query every N seconds (defaults to 5) (Thanks: David Caro).
  • Default to unix socket connection if host and port are unspecified. This simplifies authentication on some systems and matches mysql behaviour. See the config documentation for more information on specifying connection information.
  • Add positional parameters to favorite queries (Thanks: Scrappy Soft).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix source command for script in current working directory. (Thanks: Dick Marinus).
  • Fix issue where the tee command did not work on Python 2.7 (Thanks: Thomas Roten).

Internal changes

  • Drop support for Python 3.3 (Thanks: Thomas Roten).
  • Merge _on_completions_refreshed and _swap_completer_objects functions (Thanks: Dick Marinus).


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