Mycli is tested on macOS and Linux. It runs on Python 3.6+.

Works well with unicode input/output.

NOTE: Python 2.6 support was dropped in mycli 1.9.0. If you're running Python 2.6, you'll want to install mycli 1.8.1. NOTE: Support for Python versions 2.7 and 3.0 - 3.5 was dropped in mycli 1.21.0. If you're running these versions of Python, you'll want to install mycli 1.20.0

Python Package:

The recommended way to install mycli is using the pip package manager (installation instructions for pip).

You might need sudo.

$ pip3 install mycli

To install older versions, you may use e.g.

$ pip install mycli==1.20.0


Follow the instructions on this blogpost to install mycli on Windows:


The easiest way install mycli on a Mac is to use Homebrew.

$ brew install mycli


While some distributions ship pre-packaged versions of mycli, these are not maintained by the mycli developers and can be out-of-date. Please consult your distribution documentation for installation instructions or use pip.


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