Mycli is a user-friendly commandline client for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona. It has unique features like autocompletion and syntax highlighting that make it easy to use.


Mycli is written in python using the wonderful prompt-toolkit library. It is cross-platform compatible and it is tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

It is developed by a team of core devs from around the world. The user-friendliness is not just limited to the tool but the entire community is friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

The project is lead by Thomas Roten. The core team constitutes Irina, Dick, Fran├žois, Matheus, John, Darik and Amjith

If you're interested in using the project, check out the quick start guide or the installation guide.

If you're interested in helping us develop mycli you can find out source hosted on github.

Check out our contributing document.



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