Hi, I'm Amjith, the author of mycli and pgcli.

If you have feedback about this project or general python questions, feel free to contact me.


MailingList - GoogleGroups

Chat - Gitter

Github - https://github.com/dbcli/mycli


I'll try my best to answer you.


I will

If I ever fail one of the tenets above, please let me know. After all, I am human.


There is one exception.

I don't react well when someone is being aggressive or insulting. I will politely let you know that you're being unpleasant and I will stop responding.


  1. English is not my native tongue.

  2. I don't fully grasp most colloquial slang, but it never stops me from using it ;).

Here's an example, until very recently I thought 'pretty good' meant 'very good'. So I would compliment my friends that they did a 'pretty good' job without knowing that I was mildly insulting them. I'm told 'pretty good' means not quite good enough or there is room for improvement.

  1. I think I'm funny (no, I think I'm hilarious). Sometimes that might come across negatively without proper context. If anything I say offends you, please let me know.

But this is not a cop out, I'd still appreciate if you call me out when I make a faux pas.




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